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Lil Beasts
Fitness for Kids from FitnessLab CrossFit

Make CrossFit a family endeavor! It’s never too early to start building new habits with your kiddos!  That’s why FitnessLab CrossFit is proud to present our Lil Beast program; this revolutionary program will have your children 5-17 excited about coming to FitnessLab and improving their fitness levels. This is not a boot camp or youth sport camp, but rather an enjoyable, age appropriate training and fitness program to encourage kids to stay active and live healthy lifestyles.

Lil Beasts (ages 5-9), Future Beasts (ages 10-13) and Beasts (ages 14-18)

With the program, kids will be learning the same basic mechanics of the same movements as the adults. With age appropriate methods, children are taught to do their best and use proper techniques and forms when they work out. Using informational blog posts, coaching videos, classroom materials and cartoon learning aids, Lil Beasts will engage, entertain and educate your child of any age. Lessons about good and bad habits are taught using a team of cartoon characters known as The Beasts.
Each of these characters teaches the importance of healthy habits or provides a cautionary tale about poor habits.

What are the benefits for kids who join Lil Beasts?

They will have a better outlook on life. Children who are more active tend to have more confidence in themselves and a healthier outlook on life. In Lil Beast, they will meet fellow children their age that have a drive to enjoy life to the fullest.

Your Beasts will have fun exploring the basics of nutrition, exciting new ways to get and stay active, and the importance of being healthy.

They will have stronger muscles and bones. Without these important body parts, we wouldn’t be able to stand, walk, run, or even sit. Having a child regularly exercise and learning the proper techniques and forms will also help them with daily balance and decrease their chance of injuries.

They will have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat. After each workout your child will feel a since of achievement, increasing their drive and confidence with each level they complete. Just like the adult programs, Lil Beasts is scalable; with means we work with kids of all levels and will not make your child complete anything they are not able to do. We start at their levels and help them step by step to find a leaner, healthier and happier kiddo.

They are less likely to become overweight, decreasing the risk of developing diabetes and possibly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are better able to handle physical and emotional challenges — from running to catch a bus to studying for a test.

Have Children ages 4 or younger you don’t want to leave behind?

FitnessLab CrossFit offers a daycare for your little ones, full of daily fun activities and undertakings that will peak their interest in your goal for a healthier you and possibly becoming a future Lil Beast. Plus it also a safe and positive environment full of good old fashion fun for your munchkin.

We would love to become your extended family!

Parents will love the lessons and be able to relate them back to learning the fitness fundamentals taught at FitnessLab CrossFit. They will also appreciate the lifelong fitness habits that their children are taught. This program will make your children want to come to the gym and participate. Children want to understand their parents’ commitment to fitness, and Lil Beasts makes it relatable and allows them to develop that same commitment at an early age.

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“I want kids to run to their parents to tell them how many burpees they did instead of the high score they got on a video game.  I made a personal commitment to my health as part of my commitment to my family.  FitnessLab was started to be more than a gym and for me that meant making it a place where we became an extended family without excluding our actual family.  I have spent a long time looking for the right way to introduce these concepts to kids and am convinced that Lil Beasts is the most effective program out there.”

Glen Dyson

Founder, FitnessLab - New Braunfels