Femmefit San marcos


A Fitness Program For Women & By Women

Finally, a CrossFit class all about the ladies! It’s time for you to feel better, eat better, and look better. Are you ready for this? Ready to be a stronger and leaner you? Ready to find that ideal woman you always wanted to be?  Of course you are, so let’s get started!

FitnessLab-CrossFit is proud to introduce FEMMEfit, a new lifestyle coaching program FOR women, BY women. We’ve borrowed the basic principles of our scientifically proven workouts and crafted a new FitnessLab-inspired approach that’s tailored to a woman’s needs. You will be inspired to set healthy goals, take action and take charge to become the healthier woman you want to be!

Curious but not sure FEMMEfit is right for you?
FEMMEfit is being a part of a supportive community of women who teach and push each other to achieve their goals and sustain your ideal results. We are more than the boot camps and generic group exercise routines; we are not the stair master in your living room. We are here to support you as you become stronger with each workout. Our goal is to help you achieve a leaner and healthier you!

What makes FEMMEfit different from the traditional CrossFit?
FEMMEfit is exclusively prescribed (RXed) for women! Our goal is not to bulk you up but to teach you proper techniques in a positive and safe environment, where you can reach you fitness goals. Let us show you exactly what you need to do to build a lean, toned, shapely, and healthy body, and what you absolutely don’t want to do and why. Like all of our programs at FitnessLab, it is a core-focused, high-intensity program, with less emphasis on barbells and more emphasis on women’s ultimate physical and health concerns. We only use fun resistance training tools like medicine balls, sand bells, and kettlebells to build and tone your muscles, while conditioning and strengthening too.

How does FEMMEfit work?
 The goal is a leaner and healthier you, it is not a “hot body” but it is a lot of the time a nice extra bonus with our program. FEMMEfit will help your life to develop new found confidence and long term happiness with yourself. FEMMEfit is a carefully crafted regimen of high-intensity drills, focused on building your core strength and cardio endurance, that when combined, bring out a lean, feminine figure with increased power, flexibility, and strength in all the right places.

What to expect from FEMMEfit?
FEMMEfit is a program for women who are serious about achieving astounding results and doing so quickly. Our classes are filled with full time moms, busy working women, and even grandmothers and students. Every day, we come together as a team of supportive women to cheer each other on and push ourselves as we complete the daily workout!

Worried that FEMMEfit may be too intense for you?
We start were you are! Every workout, movement, and piece of equipment we use is scalable, which means we work with any fitness level. We will never ask you to lift more weight than your core can handle or perform an endurance exercise you are not physically able to do. Our female trainers will continually coach and motivate you, all while encouraging you to improve your performance. A constantly varied workout insures every day challenges you and results in progress. Some exercises will be familiar, while others will be new and challenging. Every workout will be trailed fit for you.

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